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 +===== Overview =====
 +For the first phase of HBot (thus first software version), the objectives are moderate. Indeed, hardware accuracy is not really good ([[sharp_gp2d12|IR sensor]] range goes up to 80 cm, even less if you want good information;​ no feedback on robot move).
 +The goal of this first version is to set up map generation, localization in this map, and use it to find a path to destination.
 +===== Detailed design =====
 +HBot should work as follow:
 +  * Learning phase: [[map generation]]
 +    * robot moves in its environment,​ regularly scanning its immediate surroundings
 +    * data stream thus generated will be used to create a rough map
 +  * Use phase: [[localization]] and [[en pathfinding|pathfinding]]
 +    * a human move order (sent through [[en bluetooth_pan|bluetooth]] for the time being; [[en keep it simple|keep it simple!))!) are received to point the destination on the map
 +    * a sensor sweeping is done to localize the robot on the map
 +    * the [[en pathfinding|pathfinding]] algorithm is used to find a way on the map, from localized point to destination
 +    * low-level move orders are sent to have the robot go on the right path
 +    * once at its destination,​ another sensor sweeping is done to check localization;​ if the gap from supposed destination is too big, a new pathfinding cycle may be realized
 +For more details, you can check the following pages : [[map generation]],​ [[localization]],​ [[en pathfinding|pathfinding]];​ or you can use the [[en archi_1g|software architecture]].
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