HBot-Eyes is a graphical UI for hbot. Its basic goal is to control moves and get maps. It supports joystick/gamepad (any stick controls movements, buttons for triggering a scan, turning on/off vacuum cleaner) and mouse events on the map (move to the position using pathfinder). It is written in python, and depends on py-qt4 (for graphical widgets) and pygame (SDL wrapper for gamepad support).

It is designed to work with luabot. Luabot must be started with a configuration file that calls a socketloop instruction, to listen to HBot-eyes. Most of the settings are hardcoded, and they depend on your lua configuration file; if you make changes to default lua files from hbot, you will have to change the python files too.


You can get pyhbot with git:

git clone git://


August 09 version

April 09 version

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